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Tsu Ting
15th April 1990
Greatly Blessed
Highly Favoured
Deeply Loved

YWCA Kindergarten
Tao Nan School
Manjusri Secondary School
Singapore Institute of Management
Diploma in Management Studies
Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Horticulture and Landscape Management

I'm loved much,
Therefore I love much.

Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed.
Maybe they're suppose to run wild until
they find someone just as wild,
To run with.
-Sex and the City

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Thursday, 6 May 2010 ♥

You want me to be good in music, continue my violin, join a chinese orchestra. You want me to continue my shooting, train more and continue to have a link with shooting and kor's job. You want me to study hard and not spend so much time at church, dont hang out with friends for 3 years until i finish my diploma. You want me to be interested in botany, gardening and also help take care of Mr Wong's Garden, want me to learn gardening from him. So you want me to work in the shooting circle or in the National Parks? If all you think of is the money, I would have done well even without taking the diploma now but you want me to take it. You just want me to be everything and I cant be every single thing you want me to be because it contradicts. If you want me to be continually link to shooting and be ready to take up a position in SSA then I shouldnt even have started with school. Unless you want me to drop out now? I love it that you want me to be the best but I dont have passion for everything you want me to be. I appreciate music but I am not that into shooting. I've learnt to appreciate plants through my course and I dont mind working at NParks. Please make up your mind on what you want me to do. If you wanted such a perfect daughter you should have gotten a robot. I'm not perfect.


I surrender all.

Take it all and turn it around for me. Transform their hearts, Lord.

I cant handle this anymore.

Most Beloved

Still remember the day , Our Valentines

Sunday, 18 October 2009 ♥

It took me more than a month to find out the name of this song cause everytime I hear it on radio the DJ doesnt mention the name straight after the song! And after I found out the name, it was another 1 week before I found the Youtube video. Enjoy~

一样的月光 yi yang de yue guang

jue jiang de biao qing

jiu zhe yang ge li le wo men xiang chu mo de lian pang

bu zai ti tie tui rang

chen mo de dui hua

jiu zhe yang qu dai le wo men xiang ling ting de yuan wang

bu zai jiao huan bei shang

tai zi yi wei de shi jie

bei ni li kao de fan zuo yong li

suo jin hei an xian jing

yi yang de yue guang

zen me kan de wo yue lai yue xin huang

ni liu xia zui qing chu de bu fa

jing shi zhi yin wo gu dan de fang xiang

yi yang de yue guang

zen zhao bu liang wei lai de xing zhuang

喔 就这样吧 我的爱
o jiu zhe yang ba wo de ai

rang ji mo de yue guang zhan ju wo de chuang

zi you de lu kuang

jiu zhe yang zu dang le wo men chao su de tao wang

bu zai jie shen jin zhang

du chu de shi guang

jiu zhe yang qu dai le wo men xiang sou ji de yong bao

bu zai yin qie xu yao

tai duo li zhi de shi jie

bei ni li kai de fan zuo yong li

suo jin hei an xian jing

yi yang de yue guang

qi shi kan de wo yue lai yue xin huang

zen me ni liu xia zui zhen shi de hui yi

dou shi ti xing wo shi qu de sheng yin

yi yang de yue guang

yi jing zhao bu liang wei lai de xing zhuang

喔 能回来吗 我的爱
O neng hui lai ma wo de ai

rang feng kuang de ai qing zhan ju wo de chuang

Still remember the day , Our Valentines

Tuesday, 9 June 2009 ♥

The Zone Concert is coming again this year!

Let your light shine through me, Jesus!

I dont care if people see me as some holy cow who is being "overly-religious" (if there is even such a word), I know You are real because I have experienced Your love. Your perfect Love.

Thank you for the salvation of my family and friends.

And dear dear Daddy God, I pray for Peng that You shall be her strength through this temporal rough patch she is going through. Peng shall be a blessing to her family. You love her, Lord! Just soon after Peng has accepted You into her life, the devil is trying to throw lies at her. Whatever weapon form against us, Your beloved Children, shall not prosper! This includes the lying symtoms in Peng's dad's body. Amen! Thank You Jesus for loving us. =)

And I also pray for Xiang's dad, You shall give him a new mind. A mind with an awesome memory and also eyes to see that Xiang is a blessing to them. Daddy, I know you will take care of Xiang. Although she's this petite little woman, You have given her strength to support her family. I pray for the salvation of her family! Amen!

Lastly, I thank You that You are my dad's health, Lord! Just last week, my dad fell sick and stopped work for 2 days. I wonder if it's the devil trying to be funny now that it's around Father's Day. I pray for all the dad's in the world for their salvation, let Your wisdom flow through the head of the house all over the world. And that they'll be healthy and youthful as their kids. Amen!

Thank You for loving me, Daddy God!
Thank You for loving me, Jesus!

I love you too!

Still remember the day , Our Valentines

Thursday, 13 November 2008 ♥

Who am I by Casting Crowns

Who am I, that the Lord of all the earth
Would care to know my name
Would care to feel my hurt
Who am I, that the Bright and Morning Star
Would choose to light the way
For my ever wandering heart

Not because of who I am
But because of what You've done
Not because of what I've done
But because of who You are

I am a flower quickly fading
Here today and gone tomorrow
A wave tossed in the ocean
Vapor in the wind
Still You hear me when I'm calling
Lord, You catch me when I'm falling
And You've told me who I am
I am Yours
I am Yours

Who am I, that the eyes that see my sin
Would look on me with love and watch me rise again

Who am I, that the voice that calmed the sea
Would call out through the rain
And calm the storm in me

Whom shall I fear
Whom shall I fear
'Cause I am Yours
I am Yours

Thank you Jesus for actually wanting to know my name eventhough I'm just a little girl in the millions and millions of people on this earth.
Thank you Jesus for being there when the it feels like everyone has abandoned me.
Thank you Jesus for being so faithful and letting me know that You'll never ever leave me or forsake me.
Thank you for always guiding me through when I feel like giving up.
Thank you Jesus that it's not about my achievements but because You died for me two thousand years ago that I am redeemed and that as You are, so am I in this world.
Thank you for always hearing me when I call out to you or groan or even just sigh.
Thank you for loving me eventhough I'm with blemish.

Lord you love me.
I love you too, Jesus.

Still remember the day , Our Valentines

Wednesday, 15 October 2008 ♥

You must be glad that the first line is not, "I MISS MY BROTHER!"
Wahaha... Hello world~ I'm back!!!

There's been too much amazing things and not so amazing things
that has happened and most importantly I'm lazy to type it all out.
Will try to share soon la ya? hee...

Sometimes I find that I'm blogging just so that my friends know I'm alive.
Wahaha... Cause I dont blog private stuff a lot. =)

Anyway, I lost my handphone... again.
So email me your contact number if you see this ok? Thanks.
It slid out of my bag while I was watching a movie. Grr... so careless...
And the person who picked it up wasnt kind enough to return me so shrugs*

Share with you all a song? It's been stuck in my head for a few days.
It's from Beauty and the Beast soundtrack. =)
Go to my song box and press play first ya. =)

Be Our Guest

Ma chere Mademoiselle, it is with deepest pride
and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight.
And now we invite you to relax, let us pull up a
chair as the dining room proudly presents -
your dinner!

Be our guest! Be our guest!
Put our service to the test
Tie your napkin 'round your neck, Cherie
And we'll provide the rest
Soup du jour
Hot hors d'oeuvres
Why, we only live to serve
Try the grey stuff

It's delicious
Don't believe me? Ask the dishes
They can sing, they can dance
After all, Miss, this is France
And a dinner here is never second best
Go on, unfold your menu
Take a glance and then you'll
Be our guest
Oui, our guest
Be our guest!

Lumiere and Chorus:

Beef ragout
Cheese souffle
Pie and pudding "en flambe"
We'll prepare and serve with flair
A culinary cabaret!
You're alone
And you're scared
But the banquet's all prepared
No one's gloomy or complaining
While the flatware's entertaining
We tell jokes! I do tricks
With my fellow candlesticks


And it's all in perfect taste
That you can bet
Come on and lift your glass
You've won your own free pass
To be out guest
If you're stressed
It's fine dining we suggest

Be our guest! Be our guest! Be our guest!

Life is so unnerving
For a servant who's not serving
He's not whole without a soul to wait upon
Ah, those good old days when we were useful...
Suddenly those good old days are gone
Ten years we've been rusting
Needing so much more than dusting
Needing exercise, a chance to use our skills!
Most days we just lay around the castle
Flabby, fat and lazy
You walked in and oops-a-daisy!

Mrs Potts:
It's a guest! It's a guest!
Sakes alive, well I'll be blessed!
Wine's been poured and thank the Lord
I've had the napkins freshly pressed
With dessert, she'll want tea
And my dear that's fine with me
While the cups do their soft-shoein'
I'll be bubbling, I'll be brewing
I'll get warm, piping hot
Heaven's sakes! Is that a spot?
Clean it up! We want the company impressed

We've got a lot to do!
Mrs Potts:
Is it one lump or two?
For you, our guest!
She's our guest!
Mrs Potts:
She's our guest!
She's our guest!


Be our guest! Be our guest!
Our command is your request
It's been years since we've had anybody here
And we're obsessed
With your meal, with your ease
Yes, indeed, we aim to please
While the candlelight's still glowing
Let us help you, We'll keep going
Course by course, one by one
'Til you shout, "Enough! I'm done!"
Then we'll sing you off to sleep as you digest
Tonight you'll prop your feet up
But for now, let's eat up
Be our guest!
Be our guest!
Be our guest!
Please, be our guest!

Still remember the day , Our Valentines

Friday, 22 August 2008 ♥

New Creation Church, Rock Kidz
Annual Servers' Gathering 2008
Date: 16 August
Venue: Tanjong Beach, Sentosa

The weather wasnt very exciting initially,
check out the clouds...

The stage...

The goodie bags...

Where the relay was held...

What God can do for his precious children...

Teacher Jean, me, Jolyn, LiHui and CiCi...

Beaver and me...

Pastor Samantha...

My "Lao Ban" Shirmaine, me and Grace...

"I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith."
~ 2 Timothy 4:7

Still remember the day , Our Valentines

Monday, 30 June 2008 ♥

For people who dont know, I went for my church's youth camp,
went back to MJR for the chinese orchestra camp and
attended Thian Ping (Brother Bin) and Joyce's wedding
in the past few weeks.

Pictures that doesnt state whose camera captured it,
it's taken by me with my lousy camera handphone. Wahaha...
Most labels should be correct la.
Cause sometimes really dont know whose camera caught it.

Hitting The Mark: Arrow Student Camp 2008

Waiting at Harbourfront Centre...

From I dont know whose camera. Wahaha...
Clockwise: Me, Xiang Ling, Derek, Eleanor and Amy.

Xiang's camera.
Clockwise: Me, Eleanor, Amy, Derek and Jensen.

Xiang's camera.
Clockwise: Me, Eleanor, Amy, Cherrian, Aaron, Derek, Jensen and Daryl.

On board the ferry...

Xiang's camera.
Xiang and Me.
love this woman and I miss her like siao!!!
Can I forbid God to let her be my seasonal friend?
I want her to be my friend in every season. Wahaha..

Clockwise: Me, Pok!, I dont know him!!wahaha... and Daryl.

Jomaine and Me.

Evelyn, Jerald and Me.

Xiang's camera.
Aaron, Jensen, Jarett, Joshua and Timothy.

Xiang's camera.
I love this picture!!! WAHAHA!!!
Jarett in Timothy's arms.

Welcome to Harris Resort...

Proceeding to the ballroom where services are held.

Snapping me. Snapping him. wahaha...
Yes, we were standing opposite one another.
Jeremy is his name. =)

Xiang's camera.
Smiling for the camera are Cherriann, Amy and Aaron.

Xiang's camera.
My roomies!
Xiang, Shi Yun and Me.
Yes, Xiang is in the picture. Wahaha...

Xiang's Camera.
I couldnt help but notice the clouds that seem to
form an arrow as I was looking out of our window.
Amazing. And it looks like the Arrow Ministry logo
where the bottom part of the arrow is a little faded. =)

Xiang's camera.
Me and Xiang.
You better believe it when I say this two babes are amazing.

Xiang's camera.
Teacher Evelyn and Teacher Tsu Ting.
Her hair's kinda messy but... what's new man. *cough cough*
I meant... but she's still so glorious. Wahaha...

Xiang's Camera
Dead to self. Wahaha!!
Oh Lord, one camp with Xiang aint enough for me!
We need more time to do zany stuff together. =)

Jemz Cam.

Jemz Cam.

Jemz Cam.
Cant get enough water in the cup that has so many holes!!

Jemz Cam.
"This is our cheer~
This is our cheer~
Our cheer~ (x2)
Our group name is?
Not forgetting the actions too,
or the cheer wouldnt be complete.

Jemz Cam.

Jemz Cam.

Jemz Cam.

Jemz Cam.

Jemz Cam. edited.

Jemz Cam.
I love this photo.
My second family?
Yea, you could say that. =)

Is it Jemz Cam? I dont really know actually.
This cluster is on fire for Jesus!!!

Sophroneo = Sound Mind

God opened my eyes and reminded me
about many things at camp.
I might share it in the next post?
I'm quite lazy to type actually.
Want to hear about it? Buy me coffee. Wahaha...

Manjusri Secondary School Chinese Orchestra Camp

Mr Gui's Handphone Camera.
I didnt know he was taking a picture of me at all.

The week right after Arrow Student Camp,
it was back to my secondary school to help out.
The camp committee has never planned a camp before
and Mdm Neo wasnt very supportive of the camp,
so no one actually looked through the details of the proposal!!!

I was quite shocked when I saw the game proposal.
Horrified in fact. wahaha...
I sat down with Larry and JunLin and showed them the areas
that has to be changed, which was almost the entire proposal,
on the Eve of the day for games!
Took 3 hours to settle the proposal with every detail in place. =)

The prefects were also having camp in school the very same day.
But praise the Lord!!!
I actually knew every single person in their camp committee!
Toh Wee, Seng Yong, Jun Pei, Jian Cong, Evelyn, Valerie, Rainer, Jordan, YunQi...
So it was easy to communicate and make sure our flow of activities dont clash.
Not just that, borrowing of logistic items were easy too!
Praise God for making everything so easy
and also making the rain stop just before the mass game.
Had an awesome time with them la.
Mr Tan is suppose to send me the pictures but he probably forgot. Oh well.

Ruo Heng and Me.
Lord, touch her life!
I see a hunger for love and acceptance.
Dont let her be tied down by the world.
I proclaim her salvation! Amen!

Thank you Jun Pei!!!
Just going back to school for a camp and I get a gift too!
Jun Pei bought this Elmo shirt for me while he was in Thailand.
How nice is it to have a friend who thinks of you even
when they are shopping overseas. =D
What a great friend I have!
Thanks a lot! I really love this shirt!
In fact I'm wearing it right now. Wahaha...

Brother Bin and Joyce's Wedding

The problem with these professional shoots.
Every picture looks awesome!
After looking through again and again,
I finally manage to choose some of them to post.
But it's still quite a number. Wahaha...

Pre-wedding photos.
Taken by Sherman Ho...

Pre-wedding photos.
Taken by Bernard Teo...

Wedding Day Photos.
Taken by Bernard Teo...

Still remember the day , Our Valentines